What is your bible verse of the day? As a Christian, the Bible is the best book you will ever have. This is a book you need to carry everywhere you go. You will need this book to stay closer to God, bring other nearer to God and condemn the evil activities in the society. Typically, you will never have a better book to carry than a Bible as a Christian.

Technology has also made it easier to carry an electronic Bible with our handheld machines so that we can read the bible often. With a good bible software, you can always read your favorite Bible verses anytime. Rather than spending your free 30-minutes lunch break playing computer games, your e-Bible gives you an opportunity to read a few verses. It that beautiful to download and install the Bible on your phone and tablet.

Reading the Bible

How do you choose your daily verses? Reading the Bible is fun if you have a daily verse. Reading a verse daily is sufficient, and give you time to read and understand the Bible at the right pace. Often, it is not wise to read the Bible like you do when reading a novel. A single verse can have more than one meanings and reading verse by verse gives you time to decode all the meanings.

Finding your daily verse is really important. Sometimes we fail to read the Bible often because we don't know where to start or because we don't have time to search for the best Bible verse of the day. My Bible Verse of The Day gives you the chance to read your favorite verse of the day. This site prepares and sends you daily motivational verses to keep your day bright.

All the verses you receive are well tailored to keep you in touch with your creator as you focus on other activities. Whether you are a pilot, engineer or a teacher, the verses to get will keep you strong and motivated to accomplish your daily courses.

Simplified Version

To make sure you have a clear understanding of all the verses you read, My Bible Verse of The Day simplifies each verse by leaving you a note that clearly analyses the verse. That means you will never read a verse and walk away without the full knowledge of the verse. 

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